Dating a girl with a promiscuous past Why Her Past Matters If You Want Something Serious

Dating a girl with a promiscuous past, trauma is not a life sentence

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It's hard to believe that at least 10 people were too stupid to see the error there. A person's past choices greatly influence my opinion of them. In one scenario, I had been seeing the guy for a few weeks and I wasn't really that attracted to him physically he was fine, but he was overly obsessed with dirty jokes and just acted 10 despite being 22but I figured I really wanted to find someone, and I couldn't afford to be picky.

Anyway, things are going well between us but every now and then the thought creeps back into my dating a girl with a promiscuous past and I get sad because I never wanted to think of my future spouse as someone who "got around. You just don't see it.

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Knowing this is not a defeat, but a mercy. Maybe when these thoughts start creeping in, just force yourself to think about the good parts of the relationship and how well things are going now.

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It actually might suggest infidelity in the future. Link to the previous post.

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My friend's mom is pretty stressed by her arranged marriage all these years later, but I don't think she would leave. I mean honestly, how would she feel if you did that?

Otherwise he wouldn't be jealous and envious of her sexual-experience. That should strike you as odd.

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Her N is in the 20's. I posted this in a similar thread: Time for some introspection because, believe me, this is about you, not her.

If she acts like this, it's because of this, and you should do this. I've dated 3 of those for extended periods of time. I am not a low confidence twerp.

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Agree with everything you wrote. But why take the chance? The most dating websites that start with b example would be "she wants a guy with a beard but doesn't want to grow a beard herself".

They've never developed those skills because they've never had to. Could you trust a girl who was promiscuous? Now I'm questioning how many of her friends I met were actually flings. It wasn't so much that she had had sex with a lot of guys, it was that I had to see these guys all the time, and she would point them out even.

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I don't feel that I've settled at all. What eNotAlone gave you? In fact, she is not the hottest girl ever but I never cared.

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I wish I could just forget it and go back to how it was before I knew any of this. Don't have an account?

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I forgot im in a sub with people like you. Love will not indulge in paranoia.

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That's part of getting to know each other. He has had some jealous moments, but we work through those. A lot of people seem to think that dating preferences ought to be fair or practical.

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I was caught off guard and asked for the number of guys shes slept with She said she had a promiscuous past.