College hookup stories 15 Worst Hookup Stories In College

College hookup stories, 13. the roommate that put butter in the orange juice

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She asked me to come with and show her the way. Share On link Share On link.

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A friend called me and said her friend just got fired from a bush camp and was totally broke and could she borrow my spare room for a night or two, I said sure and she just showed up at my door. Yah, you read that right. I was having sex with my boyfriend after class when he started getting really into it.

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We fooled around and then fell asleep but I was shortly woken up after by feeling a warm liquid on me and thought he had jacked off. It's awesome to be an Alpha Phi and we love these girls.

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I felt extremely nauseous all of a sudden. So there I was: I had to walk a mile home in the city obviously displaying the walk of college hookup stories. I grabbed my T-shirt to discreetly wipe off the blood, but he turned around and was completely freaked out.

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Back in my undergrad, I moved into a student house since it was close to campus and the rent was cheap. I ended up free hookup site to get my best friend drive me to the hospital to have it removed. So I ended up wearing a scarf the next day and had to sit with cum in my hair for the entire next day. We got out of bed and got him a washcloth. The party had ended, so my date and I ended up smoking.

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If I was butt-naked and not in the bathroom, where the hell did I go? Unorthodox Herpes Experiment Near University.

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After a drunken stumble back to the quad he went down on me for a frankly uncomfortable few minutes before I realized I had no desire to reciprocate, made that clear, and fled to the safety of my own room. The next thing I knew, I was sitting at Raising Cane's eating some delicious chicken fingers. It was all fun and games until half the colleges hookup stories on our floor saw us walk out of the bathroom together.

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So I go back to my dorm to find my friend sitting outside my door plastered. Of course, I said yes. My favorite story was, I just woke up at about 6 AM still hammered from the night before.

12. The Roommate That Poked Holes In My Condoms

How did we conduct this research? Social network hookup sites picked her up and laid her onto a table and smashed some kid's project in the process.

Share On googleplus Share On googleplus. Gamma Phi Beta at the University of Arizona never fails to amaze us, and their recruitment video has us in awe.