Radio hook up car Car Stereo Wiring Basics

Radio hook up car

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Unplug the old head unit from the existing connectors. Q-logics custom sub box hooks in the right side hook up asian the rear wheel well of the trunk. In order to be absolutely certain, you have to actually look at the speaker when you trigger it.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. You can find the correct harness and instructions at www. To connect the aftermarket wiring harness to the new radio hook, match the clearly marked wires to the ones on the harness, then twist and crimp. So, against the better judgment of the audio experts I consulted, I took up the challenge to install a sophisticated car audio system--complete with GPS navigation, a DVD player, an iPod connection and a Blue Tooth hands-free radio phone kit, all controlled by a 7-inch touch screen--on my own.

Use the factory fuse box.

The Main Components of a Car Stereo

If only one wire ever had power in this step, it is the accessory wire. If the stereo hook up gfci outlet 4 wires held in place by screws or nuts, loosen them with the appropriate tool screwdriver or nutdriver, respectively.

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After you have marked that wire and set it aside, turn the ignition switch on, turn the headlights on, and turn the dimmer switch—if equipped—all the way up. I can hear calls through the speakers and talk using the supplied microphone.

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If you have to use a screw, watch where you're going and use a short screw--you don't want to hit your gas tank. You can test this by connecting one wire in the pair to one end of you AA battery and the other end to the other terminal.

I wanted a rich, ground-trembling bass that shook the sidewalk as I cruised with the volume cranked.

Then using the supplied ring terminal, connect the power wire usually blue if using an aftermarket kit with the fuse holder directly to the battery positive post. Once the harness is connected, the rest of the job is plug-and-play. Armed with your master plan, carefully remove the dashboard components surrounding your radio by removing any set screws or hex bolts securing the fairing and carefully pulling the component away from the vehicle.

The speakers and subwoofer make the system.

Identifying Car Stereo Wires

Connect the matched wires. It might sound complicated, but if you follow the manufactures' instructions carefully, the improvement in sound is well worth the time, labor and extra speaker wire.

Typically, if you have a wiring harness, this connection will be made when you connect the new stereo harnesses to the harnesses in the car.

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To get the wires to the amp, bundle and tuck them under the doors sill and back seats, all the way to the trunk. Next, connect the antenna cable, and slide in your new head unit.

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Crimping is faster and easier, but soldering will provide a more stable and secure connection. Disconnect the radio's antenna connection and set the old head unit aside don't throw it out--if you want to keep your new system when you sell your car, you'll eventually need to re-install the old radio.

There will typically be several of these and you can recognize them because a series of wires will feed into each one.

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If I have an aftermarket Pioneer radio, and want to replace it with another Pioneer radio, do I need a new wiring harness? Make sure to hide the wires for the rear speakers somewhere in the trunk as they're the only components that are wired by themselves.

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Learning how to hook up a car stereo doesn't have to turn into a nightmare. Sure, I could have opted for the dealer upgrade when I bought the vehicle, but I wanted to choose my own components instead of leaving the decision up to Ford.

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It wasn't until I was looking at a colorful fistful of stock radio wires--with no wiring diagram for reference--that I realized my confidence--er, haste--wasn't going to get me anywhere it turns out that the 50 feet of speaker wire I assumed would be more than enough for a tiny Mustang, is about three feet short when you finish all the splicing, meaning I hook up websites that actually work to rerun all the wiring.

Try out the new stereo. I'm not kidding about this.

I installed a double-din 7inch touch car head unit, the Kenwood DDX available at www. Test the fade and balance settings car be sure the speakers are working properly.

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Take a picture of how the stereo is wired.