Hook up hot water heater How to Install a Hot Water Heater

Hook up hot water heater

Once the solder starts to melt, keep hook the solder into the joint until it drips out the bottom. Some newer two element tanks give you an option for simultaneous operation. We brought new cable, from a joist-mounted junction box, to the new tank location by boring holes through the middle of the overhead joists and running the cable along the side of the joists where convenient.

Step 1: Shut off the gas and water

I ran yards up to the well pit, kicked away snow, banged on the cover to dislodge it from being frozen in place. If I've misunderstood your situation or question please let me know. The wiring is located on the top of the water heater.

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He is also a contributor to InspectApedia. Unheated water heaters one side of the tank. Are we already in New Zealand?

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The trade off it that it uses more amps and requires heavier wire. After you reset them you can put the covers on and turn on the power. Tighten or reconnect joints that leak. Coat the hot water ends with pipe joint compound and screw the first nipple into the gas valve.

Out with the old, in with the new

If you spot a drip, plan to replace the water heater right away. Move the water heater into position with a hand truck. You can obtain this document through your local library. Hook up yard, then you are allowed to continue reading.

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Turn the power back on and use a non-contact tester to see if you are getting power to the water heater.

The rules are simple: Make gas connections with solid steel pipe Photo 8 or soft copper with flare fittings Fig. They pop out when they trip.

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You have some very serious power going through your electric water heater. Hi, The water heater was installed professionally and running smoothly since yesterday. This wiring is dull gray, not the dull orange that's characteristic of copper. You always need to have a respect for electricity when you work around it.

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Have an assistant help you move the water heater if you're struggling to do it yourself. First off the well and pump and pressure tank were not in nor near the home but were about yards up in the woods in a well pit See WELL PITS if you heater know what these holes are. I just touched it on one edge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With the new parts on the water heater it was time to turn water pressure back on, refill the heater, turn it on, and check for leaks. Insert the cable that runs to the main electrical panel through an electrical conduit.

If yours is getting old, this article is also for you. The proper installation of a water heater is so important that according to Texas State Law all water heater installations must be inspected by a state licensed plumbing inspector.

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Before you start, buy the tools and materials shown here at a plumbing supply or hardware store or a home center. A new, lower water temperature setting might make more distant fixtures run cooler at first use A valve left partly closed would reduce flow rate downstream from the valve, as can some more subtle problems like a supply line partly blocked by debris hook up water line refrigerator a solder blob, or by mineral deposits from hard water.

Only an idiot would jump into three feet of water and try flipping an electrical fuse box switch. Photo 3 Unscrew the vent pipe from the hook up hotline hood and move it to the side. Photo 8 Reconnect the gas line.

Wiring an Electric Hot Water Heater

Unscrew the vent pipe from the vent hood and move it to the side. Be armed with good questions. More expensive gas water heaters with special venting systems also are available.