Hook up dimmer switch How To: Install a Dimmer Switch

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But one of the wires may be white if your house is wired with plastic-sheathed cable.

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Our step-by-step instructions will show you how to install the dimmer, concentrating on details that will guarantee a safe installation. We've listed the volume of the most common steel boxes in Figure A.

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Strip new wire ends Clip off the hook up dimmer switch end of each wire with the wire cutter. With Phillips and flat-head bits. Return to the dimmer switch and turn it on.

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Thanks for all the links; but the dimmer I got was one of the ones specifically listed on the light as being compatible both made by Levitonso no problem there. Turn Off Power Turn off the power to the circuit at the circuit breaker or fuse box.

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Join them; it only takes a minute: The diagram below shows this sixtieth-of-a-second cycle. If the tester lights, the box is grounded. This is always at least a three-trip ordeal for me… down to the basement, flip the breaker, up to test the switch, over and over again. As always, green denotes the ground or copper wire.

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To begin, turn off the power and double-check for hot wires in the box. Tried using a diagram that was shown on here http: Installing a switch switch is just as easy as installing a single-pole switch, and adjustable overhead lighting is a great improvement that adds appeal to any home.

Black is attached to black.

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The National Electrical Code specifies minimum box sizes to reduce this risk. According to the FBI, the aver If the light can be switched on and off from two or more switches, buy a three-way dimmer switch.

Lean into it a little and unscrew the machine screws holding the old light switch to the receptacle box. Tighten the screws to secure the switch to the box, and fit the switch plate.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Continue to 6 of 10 below. Turn the power back on. A side effect however, is that it may generate RF interference or even an audible humming sound. If the dimmer is set for lower light, it will wait until later in the cycle to turn back on.

Install It

Buying Dimmers If the switch you're replacing is the only switch controlling the light, buy a standard single-pole dimmer. Install Dimmer Switch Single-Pole. Hook up site uk easy to install a dimmer switch, but make sure to upgrade the wiring if necessary to make it safer and meet Electrical Code requirements.

Continue to 5 of 10 below.

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You can only have one dimmer per group. With these screws, it's really a toss-up as to whether flat-head or Phillips work best. Continue to 3 of 10 below.

Required Tools for this Project

The tools you'll need are inexpensive and will come in handy for all your electrical projects. Steel box capacities are listed in the electrical code. Double check to ensure that it was free hook up site off by flipping the switch in an attempt to operate a light, and by using a voltage tester to confirm that the wires in the box are not charged once the switch plate has been removed.

Check for hot hooks Turn off the power at the main circuit panel. If it is, attach a short ground wire to the metal box with either a metal grounding clip as shown in Photos 4 and 5 or a green grounding screw screwed into the threaded hole in the back of the box.

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Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram. These do allow dimming from multiple locations, but you need to use a set of matched units. As wire nuts tend to come off of single wires, twist a short length of electrical tape around the wire nut and wire to keep them together.

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Too many wires and devices stuffed into a box can cause dangerous overheating, short circuiting and fires. Screw the dimmer to the box with the screws provided.

Gather tools and turn off the power to the switch Photo 1: The dimmer has a slider plus a switch, and when the switch is on, but the slider is all the way down, there is still a very small amount of light less than most night lights, I'd say. My science hook up spanish in elementary school was a battery, a light bulb, a switch and a potentiometer dimmer: Attaching dimmer wires to receptacle wires is pretty much a one-for-one replacement: