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Fetlife dating website, fetlife: dating site or not?

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Lots of users input what they're looking for under 'my role' by mistake. Groups can be searched for by words in the group title.

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FetLife offers an excellent user experience. Everyone who is serious about kink is on it.

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Each member can post writings journal entries, erotica, and notesphotographs, and videos. A couple of datings website after Fetlife made the invite-only system there was a new system added.

Location can cause an appreciable drop in user ship.

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Why not make it easier? A member may have multiple profiles.

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If you are hot, you may get some free play at parties and events. It almost reminds you of Craigslist, or a non-dating-related forum site. I've met lots of guys here I'm female and found them great sites.

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After being cited in several criminal cases, FetLife prohibited several hundred fetish categories. Arrest in Chinese scholar's disappearance stuns U.

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Overview Music Video Charts. On April 19,Fetlife was allegedly accessed by Brendt Christensen, the alleged kidnapper of Yingying Zhangto explore topics such as "Abduction " and sub-threads such as "Perfect abduction fantasy" and "planning a kidnapping.

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You join discussion groups, make friends with other users, and post public blog entries as well as private messages on your wall. Way to ruin a quip, Jake.

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The site administration says they will extend invite privileges to unpaid members, in good standing, once they figure out the formulas and code them. Suppose you are a single male, looking to date females, and you want to view the profiles of local single females who are also looking to date. I'm young, fit, everything good, but I don't know where to advertise myself where my type of women will see me. I also concur dating website Lisa that people are raw and wounded no matter what site they are on. ALT offers a huge number of questions to determine your specific kink, and each one is easily searched by its paying members.

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An account is required to view content on FetLife, although membership is free. All times are Eastern Standard Time. I mean, I may be guilty of that but why not, do the women there are all think they are so important that every guy who writes to them has to compose a long letter specifically tailored to them?

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I recommend this app for anyone giving up on Tinder or anyone who hasn't used that before. Offers munches, education, training, and support for kinky folks, both single a dating website otherwise.

For more information, check out the privacy policy. BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism.

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Retrieved March 7, An age and location must be posted, but honesty is not required; there are many users who specify they are in "Antarctica", and many who give their age as Fetlife is more like facebook for kinksters, with a lot of bells and whistles.