Dating a haitian american man “I Heard Haitian Men Are Crazy!” And Other Brilliant Reactions To My Intercultural Relationship

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Here is an advise what ever they say check it out cause they lie goes so far of your expectation, even haitian military guys lie.

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Also if not dating a haitian american man I'm sure you've seen or heard about men dating more than one woman. It's just different cultures, we we're all raised differently. So there you have it, I was a homebody with limited food choices who did not does not speak any language other than English.

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Everything you said Ruth was right on the head. The only reason we are together because he was trainned how to date a woman like me. You hit everything on the NOSE. My mom does not practice voodoo although there are people in her family that do. They are usually the elite and they haitian the creoles of NO. My first time blogging.

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The Haitian u described sounds like most foreign older men fresh of the boat. It feels like some aweful fast rapid speed dating and I haven't even told him I want to date him hasn't even parted my lips.

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I'm not quite sure why some men are like this. He is very funny easy going and understanding. And the same goes for women. There were people in his or her life prior to you. Try to go after the ones with some form of education, or at least have their priority straight, not living in the ghetto or with their mom at 35 years old.

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Ruthspy January 13, at 9: I can't married her with all them Skelton in my closet, The last thing I want to do is hurt her break her heart.

Maybe that help I'm not the expert we all have problems He was a momma's boy so that was a problem for me.


He also told me that he was seeing other women I am so much better off without him. I was born and raised no more than 15 minutes from older man dating a younger woman called college campus.

He is going to Haiti to visit his family in 2 days and i will miss him loads I did not appreciate other cultures.

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But she was hella bougie. My father is from the south.

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I don't know how I loved this guy so much and was american man to change for him. He will let me cook, but not do his cleaning at all. Told me I look like a clown w makeup on. This means, it wouldn't take much to get back together or become intimate. Get on his good side apologize even if you don't mean it now I am going into psychological mode with you. During our break up he told me that I was finished so he is capable of almost anything. Just set ground rules ladies like we did. Hope everything works well in your relationship.

I love this man a lot though. Bosslady January 1, at He's never been aggressive or even mad enough to bother me.

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He won't even answer the phone for hours because he says he doesn't want to hear me cry.