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Learn the lost art of listening. Grow a kick-azz goatee and consider an earring.

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As we grow and mature everyone experiences the aging process a little differently, for most of us here, that includes varying degrees of hair-loss. Dating community exclusive for bald singles and those who want to date bald men or women.

Do it here at Dating a busy guy Date UK! There's for bald about it that makes them want to rub it.

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They have been through some tough shit, like losing their hair at the ripe young age of 25 and sometimes dating earlier! Own it, wear it, be yourself.

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Dating a bald man guarantees that you will never again have to run your fingers through your boyfriend's greasy hair. I'm married now but I had a gf tell me once that women don't always notice if a man is bald but they always notice a comb-over.

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I am on board with this. Also, if bald is a bad thing, all women I have dated must've missed the memo. Having a plan will help you get where you want to go, faster. I can guarantee you, a woman will look at your confidence, way before she even remotely looks at your hair.

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Its important to have a sense of humor, and look after your physical fitness. First time offense is ban. I'm really bummed about this because there is no solution for it. Do you find bald men sexy and attractive?

But we have to start by redefining what bald means to us.

“Will I ever get laid again?”

And, in both love and war, planning is essential. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. Then I took a month off because I had to travel for family issues, and came back 10cm taller, bald, with a beard, and much more lean. Swing for the fences. Watches, sunglasses, non-prescription glasses, v-neck shirts that show off your muscles, and handkerchiefs are a few accessories for korean guys dating foreign to consider.

And a hairless head does lend itself to accessorizing.

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Creating a step-by-step action plan will help you maintain focus as you work toward achieving your objectives, one by one. No advocating of hair-replacement treatments, either topical or surgical. Focus on what you can control. Does your bald head affect your dating life?

Hold yourself accountable and review your list on a regular basis. Who are probably busy rocking their baldness. As a young man, with a shaved head. So find something that works for guy, dress to your complexion, invest in one or two nice hats that looks good with your outfits so wearing it will make you look put together, not insecure.

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People could learn alot watching this, that black girl mid way through the video was fucking hot and I don't even like black girls, girl in the dress was sexy, so on and so forth. WHY didn't you post this thread under your "real" profile then??

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We are about accepting yourself dating for bald guys now, and not letting a lack of hair get us down. Not bad, I have had only one girlfriend since going bald and she met me while I had hair albeit a fat receding hairline and I get lots of looks from women, women aren't hard wired straight to appearance like men are, they are generally attracted to your swagger more so then if you have awesome facial aesthetics alone.

Part of the Bald Community? Guess What…You Are Not Alone

Submit a new text post. One of the best ways to meet people, in my opinion, is to be introduced by mutual friends. Confidence is a big deal but all the other materialism crap is nonsense. The world is yours for the taking.