Muslim girl dating catholic boy I'm A Muslim Girl That Wants To Date A Catholic Boy..

Muslim girl dating catholic boy, islamic marriage advice and family advice

Re: Muslim woman marrying catholic man?

If he was a Buddhist and equally decent human being, you would say he is not good? Be strong if you go for it if you do find a way muslim girl dating catholic boy the marriage requirements and always be unified as you are now. Al-Quran, the Criterion revealed upon His most beloved servant and greatest messenger, remains the prime source of Islamic Shariah. Education is the key.

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When this happens he might demand that the children become bangalore dating girl mobile number. If you are in the West, this is relatively easy. Report 1 Reply to Post.

Muslim girl: I am in relationship with an Italian Catholic

My advice is, please visit the nearest Islamic center in your area and ask them about Islam. Those who hold marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man to be prohibited do not do so because "religion passes through the man in Islam".

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Why should some of those who attack our religion find it strange that Islam forbids our women to marry non-Muslim men, when they do not marry one another even though they are followers of one religion? Here are some things to look out for: That is the Guidance of Allaah.

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Why is it then that we should treat people from any other religion differently? If it did, why a country has president? Did you know the Bible is not scientific at all? I dont know what will happen to me after life.


The reasoning behind it is because the man of the house has say in what religion match making services children and wife are. I would encourage you to read what the Church has to say about Islam.

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Our thinking and reasoning are not superior to His. What matters is your wife, your family, your lives together. Quran has used them in its argument.

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Could you please give me the references from the Quran and Hadith? She seems to identity with Islam only because she is accustomed to it instead of believing in it I know people like that who for example wont eat pork not because they believe it's wrong but because it disgusts them like rat meat would disgust an American. It seems like you are hindu admin.

I am a Muslim girl who wants to marry a Catholic. How do I convince him to convert?

Parent's Corner Who is God? After a few hundred years, it may happen that advancement of science will be so much that people will eventually forget Newton.

So, they do not think anymore and start enjoying their life as much as they can before death which will convert them into different matter.

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In Islam, we also love Allah and Allah loves us too. I guess it's my far-ahead thinking that isn't allowing me to give him a chance. We cannot limit Him little girl dating advice understand Him with our minds. Like I am struggling internally at the moment to keep beard. You are trying to make the marriage between a Muslim girl and a non-Mulsim boy halal lawful that Allah and His Messenger have clearly forbidden.

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